During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss things like the number of plants desired, any specific spots that you think could use some green, types of plants & pots, etc.

You can choose to be as involved in the process as you want! Or if you’d rather, just leave it up to the experts! Either way, the result is the same: gorgeous, healthy plants at all times!

We will also be observing and recording notes on the microclimate of each room. This includes information such as the overall esthetic, window directions, sizes, locations, type of window treatments, average temperature and humidity, what type and location of cooling system(s), etc.

The consultation usually lasts between 1-3 hours.

Once we’ve decided on plants and best placement, I design a custom plant package, delivery, and installation.

Planterior Design consists of placing plants in specific locations to not only improve the overall esthetic but to also ensure optimal growing conditions are provided for all plants. It’s not enough to decide which plants would thrive and where to place them for optimal conditions. Spatial awareness is also very important when staging.

Every houseplant provided by Jenny the Plant Lady is potted in a special homemade potting soil mix, has drainage holes, all leaves and roots are checked for signs of pests and root rot, and each pot is hand picked based on both the health of the plant and the specific style of the client.

Weekly Plant Care

This service is ideal for those who want the benefits of houseplants without the upkeep! We will bring everything necessary to keep your plants beautiful, including distilled water, organic fertilizer, extra soil, broom and dust pan, plant tools, garbage cans, etc.
During our weekly visits, along with watering we provide the following services:
-Aerate soil, provide nutrients, remove plant debris, move plants based on specific responses and/or replace as necessary
-Provide ample water plants if needed to increase humidity
-Repot plants when required
-Check for pests/rot/other warning signs
-And most importantly, we keep your plants looking beautiful and healthy at all times!

Now Serving

  • Homeowners
  • Business Owners
  • Realtors
  • Renters
  • Property Managers
  • Snow Birds
  • & many more!