About Us

JPL is founded and lead by Jenny (the Plant Lady) Udebrock.

I’ve been growing, propagating, and experimenting with houseplants for nearly a decade. My plant obsession began with one tiny succulent I received as a wedding favor. One turned into many, and before I knew it I had an entire house full! I’ve learned so much along the way, including which soil recipes work best for specific plants, how to spot warning signs, how and where to shop for healthy, pest-free plants, as well as how microclimates can affect different plants.

After speaking with so many people about plants, I kept hearing the same things: “I love plants, but I don’t have a green thumb!” or “I want plants in my home, but I don’t have anyone to care for them!”

That’s where Jenny the Plant Lady comes in! Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

Jenny the Plant Lady